Advanced Robotics

The advanced robotics program is for students who want to immerse themselves in advanced engineering and coding principles, normally taught at university level of study. Students use EV3 engines, multiple different sensors and more sophisticated motors to build their robots. They learn higher level of coding and software skills. The robots are programmed to perform a range of complex tasks.

Ages: 10-12 (Year 4 – Year 6) and Year 2, Year3 Robobricks Graduates

Average lesson duration: 2 hours

Program Subjects: 

  • Software Engineering: Commands, Terms Loops, Planning methods, Dynamic programming, Applied mathematics, Efficiency, Interfacing
  • Complex missions: Instead of single tasks, robots perform acomplex set of tasks
  • Multiple interfaces: Children learn to input via 4 different sensors.
  • 3d machine movement: Angular movement control along the Z axis.

Session Format

  • Build – a LEGO® model or robot that has real world applications
  • Identify – Machine functions by analysing human machine interaction 
  • Design – The algorithm and pseudocode by identifying model function and user interaction.
  • Code – the LEGO® model so it performs tasks identified
  • Test and enhance – the code so that engineering principles are practiced further. 

Children learn:

  • Designing and building mechanical robots with complex navigational abilities.
  • Coding principles like loops, branches, functions etc
  • Machine input/output via sensors and tablet
  • Getting machines to respond to human behaviour in real time. For example, building a maze that moves the ball by itself to the end
  • Coding complex machine function: E.g.Lego sorting machine
  • Algorithmic and logical thinking skills
  • Problem solving and team work
  • Electronics and 3d Design thinking

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the complex building and coding required for these models the session duration is 2 hours. The price of this class is slightly higher due to the longer class time and expensive class equipment.

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