Armadale Primary School Incursions

We completed an end of 2nd term Incursion for Year1 and Year 2 students at Armadale Primary School in 2018. We covered 132 children over 6 sessions & 3 days – getting the children all excited about Engineering, maths, science and Music!

Music in science class? That’s how Young Engineers teach STEM in our after school clubs and school incursions. Lots of fun and learning for everyone!

The children built a Metronome – A device that keeps the beat for musicians. As the hammers of the machine tapped away, the children solved design challenges to increase the rhythm frequency, change the beat and to produce different sounds. They also learnt classical mechanics like belt transmission, pulley transmission and types of motion – along with analysing a whole lot of cause & effect along the way!

Feedback from the teachers:

“Lessons were according to the pace of each child.”
“Kids were excited and enthusiastic”
“Lots of teamwork and collaboration”
“Children recalled most of what they learnt”

Feedback from the students:

“Are you coming again?”
“I loved it a lot!”
“I learnt so much”
“How long was the session? Felt so short!” (It was 90 minutes!)
“Can we do this everyday?”

Would you like us to do a science, engineering, STEM and Lego Incursion at your school? Don’t hesitate to contact us!




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