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Incursions at Glenvale School Cardinia

We visited the Cardinia campus to run an incursion for 50 children from Year 3 – Year 6. The children were exploring motion in their classes and the school invited us to enhance the children’s learning of this topic. We made Lego smart parking gates and Lego cars and programmed the gates to open automatically when a car approached. Aspects …

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Full term incursions at Melbourne Montessori

register YE LEGO enrichment programs

Learning about user oriented design, algorithms, psuedocode and building and coding robots is something that one would expect in an engineering degree, but that’s what Cycle 3 students at Melbourne Montessori, Caulfield Campus are learning in a new incursion program with the partnership of Young Engineers. Young Engineers use Lego as a teaching tool to teach STEM, engineering and technology …

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250 students! What a great start to 2019!

We are really excited that 2019 started off with such a bang! We have 8 school partners, 250 children enrolled, 14 instructors and so much Lego learning and fun. What are children learning in our innovative STEM clubs? Engineering and mechanics Artificial intelligence Machine design Algorithms Machine communication High school Physics Glimpses of 2019 Term 1 – Videos from our …

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STEAM Holiday Workshops – What to expect?

At Young Engineers, we run STEM/STEAM focussed programs as incursions, after-school clubs and holiday workshops across Australia.  Our STEAM holiday workshops are especially exciting because we combine art and technology to teach different themes and science concepts. The teaching methodologies address whole brain development as children use creative expression across multiple channels and observe how art and technology combine in design thinking. …

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Lego Engineering & Robotics Holiday Workshop – South Melbourne Primary

September holidays join us for an amazing Robotics Workshop where kids of all ages will get the chance to learn Software Engineering, Programming and 3d Design thinking using Lego Technique and Lego WeDo 2.0 Programming Language! Book  Now: https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=423523 Year 1 – Year 3 – Children will build and program a dancing robot using Lego. They will learn how to teach …

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Software Engineering Incursions – Cockatoo Primary

Young Engineers Melbourne South conducted STEM Robotics and software engineering incursions at Cockatoo Primary School. The incursion, covering over 120 students in Years 3 to 6 helped students explore end-to-end software engineering in a systematic and fun-filled manner! Year 3 – Year 6: Young Engineers STEM incursions in Cockatoo, Melbourne focussed on the following: 1. Robot Cleaners. 2. Robot Drummers. …

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Science Week Incursions – Firbank Grammar

Young Engineers Melbourne South visited Firbank Grammar for a K-6 incursion during science week. We covered the entire Primary school campus and ran age-appropriate fun engineering experiences for each classroom. Every classroom enjoyed 90 minutes of immersive STEM experiences – with the focus on E. Prep – Preppies had a blast building an electric car. They learnt energy conversions, belt …

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Armadale Primary School Incursions

We completed an end of 2nd term Incursion for Year1 and Year 2 students at Armadale Primary School in 2018. We covered 132 children over 6 sessions & 3 days – getting the children all excited about Engineering, maths, science and Music! Music in science class? That’s how Young Engineers teach STEM in our after school clubs and school incursions. …

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Explore aerodynamics – Engineering school holiday workshop

YOUNG ENGINEERS LEGO BRICKS CHALLENGE In this fun-filled session of engineering using LEGO, we will explore Bernoulli’s principle and the lift force while building a Rescue Helicopter. We will use motors, batteries, gears, beams, and pulleys to build a helicopter machine with spinning rotor blades and a moving rescue lift. Learn STEM principles while having lots of fun, working in …

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