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Build Up

The Build Up program introduces preschool children to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.(STEM) in a fun and playful manner. Children learn to ‘think like engineers’ by building motorized machines using LEGO® Technique pieces, motors and batteries. More importantly, they learn important problem solving and critical thinking skills as they build together with their parents and each other.

Ages: 4-6 (older 3 year kinder, 4 year kinder, Prep)

Average lesson duration: 75 minutes

Program Subjects: 

Powers and principles in physics: Force, energy, motion, work and more.

3D Design Thinking and Challenges: Children solve engineering problems and challenges while modifying and improving their models.

Build and Play: Children build and play with their own creations. Every term we have a new theme – Make a toy, Make a vehicle or Make a machine

Session Format: 

The session follows the Learn-Build-Collaborate Format.

  1. Learn – the STEM concept is explained
  2. Build – Children build a LEGO® model. Parents act as mentors, guiding and supporting the Build process
  3. Collaborate – Children play together with their models, communicating and interacting with peers.

Children Learn: 

  1. Engineering and Mechanics
  2. Problem solving and team work
  3. Fine motor skills
  4. Communication and collaboration
  5. Self Esteem and Self confidence

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