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Young Engineers Melbourne South – FAQ

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Q: What is Young Engineers?

Answer: At Young Engineers we run afterschool Lego robotics, coding and engineering classes. Just like sports or music, we are an afterschool STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Enrichment class

Q: What is the age group that can attend the classes?

Answer: We offer 4 levels of our program that can cater to children from ELC all the way to high school. 

Q: Where can I attend the class?

Answer: We offer classes in several schools in melbourne’s inner south suburbs. Please visit our enroll page to see which school is suitable for you.

Q: How many students in each class?

Answer: Our class sizes are capped at 24 students. We maintain an instructor to student ratio of 1:8.

Q: Who are the Young Engineers Instructors?

Answer: All Young Engineers instructors are University Students pursuing STEM careers like Engineering, Design, Medicine, Science etc. They are all academic high achievers and we often like to joke about how the average ATAR in our team is 95% or more! The best part is that they all live in the local community and are alumni from the many prestigious high schools in the area. They are very passionate about Science, Technology and Maths and want to share their knowledge and inspire the next generation!

Q: Do instructors have prior teaching experience?

Answer: All our instructors have prior teaching experience as tutors, sports coaches, music coaches and teaching assistants. They are studying to be STEM professionals and so are not registered teachers. Most of our instructors teach nearly 50-70 children each week as they run 3+ sessions with us each week. We have extensive training as well, so they pick up teaching skills very quickly!

Q: Will the same teachers teach my child each term?

Answer: We try our best to maintain instructor consistency. Usually our instructor roster changes only twice a year (March/August) when our teachers university schedule changes. Occassionally, instructors fall sick or have exams and other teachers in the team cover for them.

Q: What if my child misses a class? Do I get a refund?

Answer: There are no discounts or refunds for unplanned abseintism. We may carry forward credit to the next term in certain special circumstances. We can adjust cost on pro-rata basis if you join late in the term.  A refund will be given only if any class has been cancelled due to emergency or unforeseen circumstances by the directors of Young Engineers Melbourne South.

Q: Can my child join any time of the year?

Answer: Yes. You may be able to join mid term by paying for the remaining sessions only. Once you join, you must be enrolled for the remainder of the term. However, our places are limited and fill up very quickly, so this may not always be possible. Best to contact us to discuss options available.

Q: At what age can my child start attending e2 Young Engineer classes?

Answer: Our Level 2 program is suitable for Prep – Year2. Level 3 and Level 4 programs are suitable for Year3 – Year6. We offer ELC level programs in certain schools as well.

Q: Are parents allowed to watch the class?

Answer: No. You pick up the child straight after class finishes. You can come 15-20 minutes early to see what your child has built. Photos and videos are shared each week so you can follow your child’s progress online. Only parents of children with special learning needs or anxiety are permitted to sit in during the session.

Q: We have 2 or more children in our family that would like to enrol. Do you offer sibling discounts?

Answer: No. But we offer part payment option so you can pay the fees in 2 installments

Q: My child is a little unsure if he wants to attend. Can we attend a trial class?

Answer: Yes, we offer a minimum 3 week trial option. We feel that it takes 3 weeks for a new child to get comfortable with the class format.

Q: Can a Prep student understand the substance of the lessons?

Answer: Our enrichment programs are specially designed for younger children. Our programs and workshops have been active for a number of years now, and all have enjoyed great success. Each lesson includes a familiar background story with corresponding hands-on experiments. I invite you to ask the children at the end of the lesson what they learned and you’ll be surprised to hear how much they can comprehend at this age.

Q: Do the children take the models home?

Answer: Unfortunately, the kits are very expensive and therefore must remain with the instructor, who will pass them from class to class. Children do, take home what they learn, which includes principles of physics, mathematics and engineering.

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