Galilego at Loreto

At Loreto Toorak, we have a dedicated group of year 4 – year 6 girls who have been regularly attending Young Engineers classes for last 1 year. For term 4, we are running a special program for them called Galiliego. This program is being run only at Loreto, and takes their construction and engineering skills to the next level!

Lessons planned:

We have planned a whole bunch of moving robots for the girls this term. They will explore complex movements like the commando crawl in the soldier robot, caterpillar crawl in the accordion robot, eight legs co-ordination in the spider robot and swinging on bars in the hanging monkey robot. They will also build a garbage truck that tips rubbish and moves and a giant ferris wheel to explore forces.


All models will use multiple gear pairs and combinations of asymmetric and symmetric gear alignment. Snail and gear wheel combinations will also be used.


The coding style of this term will be more coder dojo. In a coding dojo, groups of coders come together to solve programming challenges. We will be doing the same – instead of working through algorithms as a group – we will let them design their own code solutions to get the machines to move! You can expect a lot more team-work and individual design ideas.

New students:

We do have a couple of new students joining the core group this term. Our instructors will support the new girls in a more structured manner so they can build the basic models and learn basic coding constructs with the others.

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