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How Science can make you a Superhero!








Around 100 primary- school age children attended our Easter holiday workshops held across multiple days and venues in Port Melbourne and St Kilda. This holiday, we were focussing on how science can give you superpowers! The children discovered the power of the double pulley machine, elastic energy that can power supercars, the aerodynamics of moving vehicles, circular motion and linear motion and how to convert them, projectile motion, energy conversions and so much more!

The Young Engineers program is specially designed to make middle school and high school physics accessible to primary school children. All of these complex concepts were taught in a fun manner through Superman’s flying abilities, Spiderman’s magic webbing, Batman’s Batmobile, Wonder Woman’s super strength and Thor’s Magic hammer. It appeared as if the children were building fun objects and testing them, but the models were also facilitating the visualisation of abstract physics concepts.

When you see physics in action, the theory becomes much more accessible and problem-solving becomes a breeze. Little wonder that children who pass out of a Young Engineers program have statistically shown to have accelerated academic results!

I am so excited and happy to be a part of the Young Engineers family! We are looking for more school partners in Melbourne’s South to after-school classes during the term and reach more children within the local community.

If your school is interested, please shoot us an email to melbsouth@young-engineers.com.au

Looking forward to creating more science superheroes!

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