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Young Engineers Melbourne South Incursions

We visit primary schools and 4 year kinders around Melbourne to teach children STEM principles in the classroom!

What we offer: 

  1. Hands on Robotics, Mechanical and Software Engineering
  2. Thoroughly researched, tried-and-tested lesson plans.
  3. 3P pedagogy – Problem-based, Project based and Product based teaching method
  4. Close alignment with the Victorian curriculum.
  5. Incorporated Problem solving, teamwork and critical thinking skills in the lessons
  6. Science and maths application in each workshop

Incursion structure: 

  1. 90 minutes sessions for a batch of 20-25 children (one classroom).
  2. Can cover students from prep to year 6.
  3. Run 2 or 3 sessions a day for different classrooms.
  4. We welcome school teacher participation.
  5. Children work in pairs and build together with one model per pair.

Incursion format: 

Our sessions follow the Learn-Build-Imagine-Experiment Format.
  1. Learn – the STEM concepts through stories and anecdotes
  2. Build – a Lego model that applies the concept in practice.
  3. Imagine – design solutions that test the STEM concept further
  4. Experiment – and play with the model to develop positive association with science.
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