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Young Engineers Melbourne South Incursions

We visit schools, preschools and long day cares around Melbourne to teach children STEM principles in the classroom!

Incursion format: 

Our sessions follow the Learn-Build-Imagine-Experiment Format.
  1. Learn – the STEM concepts through stories and anecdotes
  2. Build – a Lego model that applies the concept in practice. Older children will further program their machine
  3. Imagine – design solutions that test the STEM concept further
  4. Experiment – and play with the model to develop a positive association with science.

Incursion structure: 

  1. 90 minutes sessions for a batch of 20-25 children (one classroom).
  2. Can cover students from prep to year 6.
  3. Run 2 or 3 sessions a day for different classrooms.
  4. We welcome school teacher participation.
  5. Children work in pairs and build together with one model per pair.

Learning Methodology used: 

Our incursions are designed on the following 4 pillars:

  1. Product Based Learning – Students build products they see in the world around them. Thus they understand the design principles behind machines used in their everyday life. For example, the conveyer belt at the Supermarket, the elevator in their building, or the laundry machine in their house.
  2. Project Based Learning – Every incursion is a project that children execute and complete from start to finish. They are given the basic design of the machine which they build then extend further. They solve design challenges for their machine and write down observations and analysis. They work together so every child has a working model at the end of the session.
  3. Problem Based Learning – Children are given problems to solve to extend their design thinking and STEM knowledge. They also experience and solve problems while building the basic design. Our teachers do not solve the problem for them but point them in the right direction – giving them the tools to solve problems in general.
  4. Spiral Methodology – Our full term incursions use the spiral methodology to ensure in-depth learning of STEM concepts and topics. STEM concepts are re-visited and extended over multiple weeks – giving children an opportunity to fully master the concepts taught.

Victorian Curriculum Links:

Our incursions address the following curriculum areas. We can send you a full curriculum mapping document upon request.

  • Design and technology
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Science as a human endeavour
  • Physical sciences
  • Science Inquiry skills
  • English – expressing and developing ideas
  • Mathematics – numbers, patterns, measurement
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