Science week incursions – Christchurch Grammar

We visited Christchurch Grammar every day for Science week 2019. Students from ELC to grade 6 got to experience Lego engineering and robotics through fun sessions that explored design and technology in depth.

ELC – Children built knex airplanes and explored why machines fly. They innovated by building airports, communication towers and runways using Knex.

Prep/Grade 1 – These students built Lego washing machines. They explored centrifugal force and even got to wash some cotton in their machines!

Grade 2 – They made conveyor belts and observed pulley mechanics, belt transmission, motion conversions and more

Grade 3 and 4 – They built and coded a carousel. They learnt seven steps of software engineering while also looking at forces, transmissions and ride design.

Grade 5- Grade 6 – They made a dancing robot using Lego technique and coded it to dance a few different cool moves!

What an amazing incursion covering 350+ children in this lovely school!

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