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Software Engineering Incursions – Cockatoo Primary

Young Engineers Melbourne South conducted STEM Robotics and software engineering incursions at Cockatoo Primary School. The incursion, covering over 120 students in Years 3 to
6 helped students explore end-to-end software engineering in a systematic and fun-filled manner!

Year 3 – Year 6:
Young Engineers STEM incursions in Cockatoo, Melbourne focussed on the following:
1. Robot Cleaners.
2. Robot Drummers.
3. Smart Amusement Park Rides.

The students were completely engaged, working with partners, and learning how to build and communicate with machines.

  • Year 3 – Year 4s  built smart amusement rides. – Students programmed the rides to operate safely, play music, flash lights, time the number of rotations and so on – discovering user-oriented design in the process.
  • Year 5s built the Robot Cleaners. They made their robots clean along a pre-determined path. They observed how mechanics and software work together to create a complex machine function.
  • Year 6s built Robot Drummers – They programmed 2 motors separately to control the 2 different hands of the drummer. They made their drummer play complex beat sequences, used random number generation to autoselect music sequences and created multiple parallel processing threads – in just one amazing incursion session!

Feedback: We are so glad and touched to see the children co-operating and learning together,
working as a unit, taking part in discussions too. We observed that every child was
engaged in the activities assigned to them, irrespective of their different abilities.

The best part of the session for me was to experience the children with special needs taking part
in the activities with the utmost enthusiasm as well as enjoying the session as much as everyone

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