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STEM as a fundraising tool











Fundraising is a great way to promote STEM within the school and get the whole community involved in school development too. If a STEM activity is promoted as a fundraiser, kids get excited and learn important skills, parents are happy to contribute and the school can raise a decent amount of money in a short period. Talk about hitting multiple birds with one stone!

At Young Engineers, we run fundraising workshops with our school partners. For 75 – 90 minutes 16 children come together to learn a scientific principle and build machines that demonstrate the principle in practical application. The children develop a great sense of accomplishment, for both – building working machines and contributing meaningfully to the school project. The school can raise anything from $350 to $500 from just one workshop.

Our goal is to participate in school communities so that more children get an opportunity to develop STEM skills critical to their future careers!

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