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Upcoming Easter Holiday Workshops

Did you know science can give you superpowers too? What if science could help you become stronger than Wonder Woman and Spiderman? What is the secret behind Batman’s Batmobile? Learn all this and more at Young Engineers Holiday Workshops at Play Central, Port Melbourne this Easter!

From 9th to 13th April, 10-11:30 am, your child will get an opportunity to discover one scientific superpower! He will learn some cool science principles and watch them come to life by building innovative LEGO® machines that run.

Children will be provided with Lego technique pieces (these are not regular LEGO – they include beams, gears, shafts and pulleys for extensive mechanical exploration!) along with motors and battery packs so they can deep dive into all things Science and Engineering!

Suitable for grades 1 – 5. Workshops cost $35 per day and include All day Play Central Pass + a sandwich and drink for your child. Come and relax at the café and enjoy some holiday me time while your children learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Book Here – http://www.playcentral.com.au/events

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