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What happens in a Young Engineers class?

Circular Motion – With Pirate Ships

Amusement Park – Lesson 1

Young Engineers Term 2 started off with a blast! Around 60 children came together in the first week at our 5 different session to learn science while having lots of fun!

What We Learnt:

  • Stable and Unstable Structures
  • Circular Motion
  • How force and motion are inter-related
  • How distance and speed are inter-related in motion.



Problems We Solved:

  • How can you make your ride safer? (Making the axle length longer – but within limits)
  • How can you make your ride faster? (Making the length shorter)
  • How can you prevent the ride from slipping during operation? (Add weights, or just operate it on the carpet!


Continue The Discussion At Home:

  • Ask your Young Engineer – If the circle increases what happens to the circular motion (It slows down due to the increasing diameter)
  • Watch this awesome video together  – Link here



Coming Up Next Week:

A simple machine that can lift the planet!
(We will be doing a detailed discussion on Levers, how they work and the maths behind them!)



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