Robo Bricks

The Robo Bricks program introduces upper primary school children to the exciting world of Robotics. Children learn to ‘think like engineers’ by building motorized robot ‘models’ using LEGO® Technique pieces, motors and batteries. They further program the robots to perform tasks using the LEGO® Wedo 2.0 app. Their robots learn to respond to environmental inputs using sensors, giving the children an end-to-end robotics experience!

Ages: 8-10 (Year 3 – Year 4) and Year 2, Year1 Bricks Challenge Graduates

Average lesson duration: 75 minutes

Program Subjects: 

Software Engineering: Commands, Terms Loops, Planning methods, Dynamic programming, Applied mathematics, Efficiency, Interfacing

Mechanical Engineering: Complex arithmetic, Forces and laws of physics

Algorithmic Thinking and Challenges: Children solve engineering problems and challenges while programming their robots

Session Format: 

The session follows the Learn-Build-Code-Imagine-Experiment Format.

  1. Learn – the STEM concepts through stories and anecdotes
  2. Build – a LEGO® model that applies the concept in practice
  3. Code – the LEGO® model so it performs tasks determined by the user
  4. Imagine – design solutions that test the physics concept further
  5. Experiment – and play with the model to develop positive association with science

Children Learn: 

  1. Designing and building mechanical robots
  2. Programming the robot to perform different tasks
  3. Algorithmic and logical thinking skills
  4. Problem solving and team work
  5. Electronics and 3d Design thinking

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